There is great debate who produced the first ever cider, and France, Spain, and England all lay claim to this achievement. Cider has been with us in some form or other for hundreds if not thousands of years, and it is still one of the most popular beverages around the world. Cider is renowned as a thirst quencher, and it is true on a hot summer’s day nothing seems to satisfy a thirst quite like cider. Originally a still apple drink, cider has seen many changes in its lifetime and today there are some ciders available made from unique ingredients and taste truly amazing. As competition hots up from the craft brewing beer industry, cider manufacturers are creating some brilliant drinks, and here are some of them.

Wild Berries – Rekorderlig

It is hardly surprising considering original cider is made from fruit that today’s cider makers are turning to more exotic fruits to produce stunning new flavor combinations. One such fruit are berries and they are a perfect way to introduce both flavor and acidity into the cider. Nearly every cider maker around the world will have a berry flavor as part of their menu. Wild Berries is an amazing new cider from Rekorderlig, this cider has perfect dry overtones and is not too sweet, but complementing all this are the luscious fruit flavors.

Rhubarb – Rosie’s Pig

Rhubarb – Rosie’s Pig
Rhubarb – Rosie’s Pig

If you thought that rhubarb only went with crumble and custard think again. Rosie’s Pig saw the potential and have come out with a cider that is considerably different than many ciders on the market. Not surprisingly this cider is cloudy, and with a moderate amount of fizz. Where it hits the mark is the flavor it delivers, the rhubarb is slightly acidic and this cider is a little tart which makes for refreshing drinking.

Passion Fruit and Apple – Old Mout

It is refreshing to see that not all cider makes have deserted apples to make their cider. And the guys over at Old Mout decided to combine apples with passion fruit, which rather explains the pale green color of this cider. On the nose there are hints of cotton candy and you would expect this cider to be over sweet. However, this is not the case, the passion fruit adds a perfect zing to accompany the apples and this cider is a winner. This cider is definitely one to watch out for, it tastes just like a fruit drink but packs a punch. Count how many you have consumed before it is too late.

Passion Fruit and Lime – Smirnoff

Known all around the world as fine vodka makers, this passion fruit and lime cider also proves that they are fine producers of cider as well. Another passion fruit cider, but this drink is a perfectly balanced taste extravaganza. The lime cuts through any sweetness that the passion fruit has to provide a very satisfying and quaffable drink. The simple but clever packaging in clear see-through bottles makes this cider look modern and to bring expectation to the purchaser. You could even pour this cider into a wine glass, add some ice, and you would think you were on a Caribbean island.