Cider favorite called hard cider was one of the best answers to wine in countries in northern Europe that were perfect to grow apple orchards but to cool to grow grapes. Therefore there was no option but to make cider instead of wine. Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from apple juice although some commercial ciders have little apple content and they tend to be consist of water and chemicals that includes artificial sweeteners like the aspartame. Ireland may be well-known for birthing Guinness, but the country’s growing craft beer and cider scene is thriving. Many of the best cider is coming from smaller, locally-focused producers. Here are some of the Best Irish Ciders:


The Orpens Cider named for the first woman ever to be issued a professional jockey’s license to race with men. The Orpens was founded by two friends, Matt Tindal and Chris Hill, who where both working in the Irish wine trade and they enjoyed the business of selling famous wines from all over the world. Through their affinity for Irish product, they created and stood proudly behind their Irish product of similar crafting and pedigree. The Orpens uses freshly-pressed apple juice rather than it concentrate on getting the most robust and juiciest apple flavor possible to maintain a very good quality of cider.


Made in Drogheda, Ireland, Dan Kelly’s Cider is on a high, having just secured a deal to have the cider stock in a significant German outlet. Kelly’s Cider is a new Irish cider that is made from handpicked apples from their family orchard. They are one of the few apple producers in the country who produce their fruit. Their apples are blended to ensure that the right fruit flavor comes with the end product the cider. They usually don’t use cultured yeasts or sulfites, and they don’t add artificial colors, sweeteners or other things. They just press the apples and let the yeast do their job. Their ciders are available all around the world as well as in stockiest all over Ireland, so it won’t be hard to get one of their refreshing bottles.


The Craigies cider is an Irish cider maker that is based in Co. Wicklow rolling hills of Ireland. The brand is owned by Angus Craigie, Simon Tyrell, Emma Tyrrell, Ralf Hogger and Alan Garrioch who all have diverse skills and expertise to add to the business. The Craigies use only Irish apples sourced from dedicated growers in the counties of Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, and Kilkenny. The team at Craigies believes that Irish cider achieves best as a blend with every apple getting to reflect its origins and its specific fruit characteristics. It’s also a tradition at Craig’s that their ciders should indicate the year the fruit produced and so this makes them brew only the best ciders. Over the years they have developed strong, and close links with apple growers and have a lot of orchards to choose from.