Cider has been around for a very long time and is just as popular today than it has ever been. Today many cider makers try to attract new drinkers to their product by creating fashionable new combinations of this famous beverage.

But cider often just speaks for itself and does not need fancy packaging or other ingredients added. A refreshing glass of cider on a hot summer’s day is just about the best cure that there is to quench a thirst. Here are some fun facts about this great drink.

Apples are the Core of the Drink

One thing is for certain when making cider, the apples you use really does matter. There are some cider makers that make quality heritage cider, and to do this they need to use specific types of apples. Not just a Granny Smith that you found in your lunch box! Think of it in wine terms using a particular grape to make a certain type of wine, well it is exactly the same with cider.

Cider Champagne

Actually, some ciders are almost made like champagne. They use similar fermentation processes just like a good sparkling wine or a champagne. In fact, the process the cider makers employ is actually called champenoise.

Creative Apples

Apples are a highly individual fruit; no apple seed will grow exactly the same fruit. It is almost like that the seeds are the DNA of the fruit and every apple has its own unique fingerprint. It is possible to grow the same type of apple, but it means you have to graft part of the new apple onto an existing tree.

What’s in a Name?

Have you ever stopped to consider the names by which apples are called, such as Granny Smith?

And with cider apples in particular the names seem to be especially strange, Northern Spy, Newton Pippin, Winter Banana, and Kingston Black.

Pilgrim’s Progress

In times of yore it was a dangerous thing to drink water, there were many plagues and diseases spread by ordinary drinking water. And for people such as pilgrims that were traveling about in strange places it was not a good idea to drink any water apart from fresh streams etc.

So, the good pilgrims took to drinking cider, as the fermentation process destroyed any bad bacteria that may have been living in the water. Perhaps that is why they were always smiling.

Spitter Apples!

Unlike eating apples that taste delicious the moment you bite into one, a great deal of cider apples is not good to consume. In fact, some really good cider apples are called spitter apples as to take a bite out of one would make you want to spit it out. Some cider makers say that the worst that an apple tastes the best chance of producing a really good cider. This has never been proven but some exquisite ciders have been made out of spitter apples.

There are many other fun facts all about cider and apples such as there are over ten thousand varieties of apples, and it takes around forty apples to make just one gallon of cider. Whatever the facts and figures tell us, cider is an amazing drink, and long may it continue to be so.