Made by fermenting apple juice, cider consumption is currently on a steep rise. The various types of cider varieties arise from the difference in fermentation techniques, the brewery’s preference or the types of apples used in making the cider. American’s seem to prefer dry cider as compared to the sweet varieties. With the current influx of cider varieties in the market, it’s easy to get confused when you lack information regarding the top brands available to you.  To ease the process of decision making, we’ve compiled a list of the best cider makers in the US.

1. Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Located in Hudson Valley in the Big Apple, Angry Orchard Hard Cider Company is a mainstay in the US market. Angry Orchard’s entry into the cider making business changed the perception of hard cider production is more of a past-time rather than a venture for small and medium-sized business persons. The company’s courageous foray into a market with established players saw it manage to produce different drinks to suit the diverse tastes of a broad range of consumers. The producer’s most popular brand is the Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Other favorite choices include; Angry Orchard Green Apple and Angry Orchard Apple Ginger. Angry Orchard makes up to thirteen brands of craft beer. The company has managed to produce top-of-the-range drinks, thereby cementing their status as a premier cider maker in the United States.

2. Woodchuck Hard Cider

The Woodchuck Hard Cider brewery located in Middlebury, Vermont ranks among the most popular hard cider brands in America and more so during fall. This producer makes a drink quite similar to the ones made by Angry Orchard but with a sweeter taste. The brew tastes more like a non-alcoholic cider drink. Woodchuck’s signature craft cider is the Woodchuck Amber which features a fresh and plump taste, and with its alcohol content standing at just five percent.

3. Smith & Forge Hard Cider

Fox Barrel Pure Pear Cider

Smith & Forge Cider brands offer a sharp taste whereas maintaining sweetness levels at a minimum. In comparison to other well-known ciders, the beverage is a little drier, giving the consumer a decent balance, unlike many cider varieties. The brand’s vivid photo and masculine logo make it a favorite among the male demographic. Upon pouring into a glass, the bit of aroma present resembles that of sweet apple juice with a little of orange flavoring. The cider’s primary supplier is the renowned beer distributor MillerCoors, which explains why the company boldly attempts to venture where other hard cider producers have avoided. Also, for a well-distributed beer, the Smith & Forge Hard Cider is performing rather well.

4. Fox Barrel Pure Pear Cider

This company, based in Colfax, California, recently amalgamated with the Crispin Cider Company. The brand’s cider bottles contain a picture of a fox and on the side include details of the beer’s manufacturing process. Additionally, the particulars detail the making of the cider right from the fermentation of pure pear juice, which doesn’t contain additives like additional sugars, grape, apple alcohols, spirit, colorants or preservatives.