Refreshing, relaxing, and versatile, hard cider is delicious enough to drink all year ‘round, however, it is extremely popular to drink in during the fall time. Hard cider is known for its tart flavor and that is what makes it stand out among other hard beverages. Personally, I usually prefer a good stiff beer, especially after working all day, it’s nice to relax with a tall glass of brew. I sip my favorite beer while binge watching TV series, listening to sports radio talkSPORT or spinning the reels at Pokerstarscasino. However, when it’s fall time out and I’m looking to relax and take in the autumn scenery, I prefer the refreshing and earthy taste of cider. This article will list the best hard ciders to enjoy during the fall months.

Cider is perfect to drink all year ‘round, but is more popular during fall

Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider

Appropriately named after the pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees in Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and West Virginia, this brand of hard cider offers a severe punch that is best enjoyed over a glass of ice to expose its balance of sweet, yet powerful flavors. This cider has a sweet apple flavor and it’s been said that it tastes like adult apple juice. This is one of the best ciders to gather with friends over while storytelling.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Situated right in the heart of the “Apple Belt” area of New York that’s known as Hudson Valley, the Crist family took ownership during the ‘hippie era’ with a commitment to bring back traditional cider options as a branch of the famous Samuel Adams beer brand. Out of their 13 choices, it’s their flagship cider, Green Apple, that takes home the prize as their best craft beer yet. This cider is sweet, but not too sweet. The addition of oak-aging makes for a very smooth and pleasing vanilla appeal. Angry Orchard has one of the most perfectly balanced, full-flavored ciders on the market that is ideal to sip during the fall months.

Square Mile Hard Cider

This classic American brand holds true to the saying “less is more,” seeing as to how they only offer two different kinds of hard cider. They offer the Original Hard Apple Cider and Hopped Apple Cider. Once you pop the cap on these infamous ciders, your nose is infiltrated with the aromas of red, ripe apples, pear, and honeysuckle all at once. These ciders are made from three apple varieties rooted in American culture — Red and Yellow Delicious, along with Johnny Gold. All of which were picked and hand-pressed in Oregon. The Original is best served on the rocks to complement the crisp, apple flavor and refreshing finish.

Smith & Forge Dry Hard Cider

This cider is brewed by major beer distributor, MillerCoors. This cider has a clear, golden appearance and has a sweet smelling aroma like apple juice. Once you taste it, it has a bitter taste, but then mellows out and you can taste a hint of vanilla. This is a very popular brand of hard cider and offers a unique balance of tart and sweetness which goes along perfectly with the weather during fall.

Fox Barrel Pear Hard Cider

Fox Barrel Pear Cider is a more dry, soft bodied cider that is light in color and uber refreshing. It comes in handy in instances where you might consider a dry champagne. When you first taste it, you get the flavors of pear and other fruity flavors that is reminiscent of sparkling wine. This cider is absolutely delicious when it’s paired with fruits, cheeses, and salads, and this cider is very popular to accompany brunches.

Strongbow Hard Apple Cider

Best served over ice, this hard cider makes for the perfect fall drink. It has a transparent color, and a neutral aroma that smells of apples with a hint of wood. This cider has dominant apple flavors, makes you feel cozy, and is a great cider for relaxing on a chill, fall evening.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Apple Cider

This hard apple cider is the real deal. It’s a simple cider that taste just like fresh, hand picked organic apples with just a tad bit of alcohol mixed in. It reminds you of milled apple cider that you’d enjoy at an old halloween party, which is what makes it perfect for the fall. It’s made with all natural ingredients and lacks any additives, sweeteners, flavorings, or preservatives. It is a delicious adult refresher for relaxing.

Redd’s Apple Ale

Enjoying cider

There’s not much bad that can be said about this cider, that’s more of an ale. This cider has brewed, rather than fermented apples, but that doesn’t take away from its flavor. It has a unique, crisp taste that is refreshing and tart-like. It is a bit on the sweeter side, but is very light and can be paired with a succulent meal.