If you are in love with cider, or maybe, you want to temporarily put a stop to brews, you will agree a crispy cider drink can serve as a crushable drink and a thirst quenching drink. What you may not know is that you can have a great meal by serving you some of your meals with cider drink. If you are adventurous with your food and love to try out new things, then here are eight great foods that you will make a great meal when served with cider.

Apple Pie

With the abundance of crispy fresh apples found inside the Okanagan, including other locations in Canada like Nova Scotia and Ontario, it is little wonder that apple pie is a popular Canadian dish. A cider made in Canada style like Lonetree (which makes use of only BC apples during the brewing process) can serve as a great combination with an apple pie that is buttery and crisp on the outside, while the inside is sweet and tastes like cinnamon.

Blue Cheese

This does not work with blue cheese alone. You can try it out with any food that has blue cheese as its major ingredient. Just like a cheese on a plate, blue cheese is best combined with small fruit compote or a tiny slice of apple or pear. If it is a blue cheese risotto or pasta that you are eating that has a nutty bike, a sip of cider will help bring out the great flavor and give a distinct flavor to your meal.

Turkey Dinner

Turkey dinner is mostly known as Thanksgiving or holiday meal. A combination of a slice of well-roasted turkey, a good blob of cranberry sauce and a chunk of pumpkin pie and a big cup of cider will make a complete holiday dinner.


Besides nutmeg and cinnamon, ginger is one other spice that apple loves. So, instead of going for a dark stout drink to go with your gingerbread, you can opt for a glass of cider drink instead.

Creamy Pasta Dishes

To clean up your taste palate and break through the rich taste of creamy pasta dishes, such as carbonara and alfredo, you can combine them with a tart and a cup of sparkling cider.

Squash Soup

You already know that apples and squash are two flavors that are associated with autumn and winter seasons. You can take it a step further by adding a cider to create the perfect comforting soup that suits the season.

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

Similar to the combination of apple pie, nutmeg and cinnamon doughnuts go well with a glass of cider.  Not just doughnuts, you can combine a cider drink with any fried food, and you use a cup of bubbly drink to down the meal.


If you think it is quite early to have a drink before it is noon time, then you are forgetting how delicious Caesars and mimosas are when taken as brunch. Now it’s up to you to test out these combos!