If you are looking for a list of the best ciders for the fall, drop by and check out our top eight options. Handpicked from professional cider tasters, you are sure to have fun picking out your favourite from our list.

Dabinett Medium 6.5%, Apple County, Monmouthshire

You want a sweet, soft and dry cider? then you should go for this brand. This is a simple cider that is wonderfully rich in Dabinett apple and shows in all its spicy, juicy and soft glory. Get a case today and drink from the goodness of Dabinett apple.

Premier Cru Cyder 7%, Aspall, Suffolk

A cool cider with an amazing dry taste. But it is very sophisticated and strong. So, void it if you are light headed and can’t hold yourself when you get drunk. But if you are cool with strong cider then you should go for this brand and enjoy a vivacious glass of cider.

Hallets Real Cider 6%, Hallets, Monmouthshire

The Hallet real cider is a blend of fresh and aged apple juice to give that deep, rich and dry taste. This brand inculcates the traditional method in its modern fashion of craft to produce an amazing cider that has won over the hearts of many cider lovers, try it today and have a good time.

Killer Sharp Blenheim Superb, The General Killer Sharp 5.8%, Hogans, Warwickshire

This brand draws its inspiration from the puckering sharp, sour style of Asturias in northern Spain to give a very different cider that is not what is in vogue. So, for those that love to try out new stuff, you can start with killer sharp. You might end up liking it better than your normal brand.

At The Hop 5.5%, Oliver’s Cider & Perry, Herefordshire

Hops do grow very well alongside apples as both can thrive under the same climatic conditions. when combined with fresh apples, hops produce a distinct drink that tastes way better than what we have in just cider. Tom Oliver has taken this advantage to produce what is known today as dry-hopped cider and the creation is wonderful.

Blenheim Superb 7%, Once Upon A Tree, Herefordshire

This is an ice cider made from the process of freezing and concentrating apple juice before fermentation. This is not the preferred serving method for sugary, artificial commercial ciders but frozen juice gives the best dessert wines. This is one of the British best ice ciders so far, can be enjoyed with tasty chocolate.

Oak Matured Vintage Cider, 7.4% Sheppys, Somerset

If you are a lover of oak matured cider, then this is the one. Oak adds that light, spicy, spirituous character to the strong complex apple juice to give more sophisticated and drinkable cider. This vintage is well brewed and is bound to tickle your thirst.

Caple Road 5.2%, Westons, Herefordshire

This is the first cider brand to come in cans in the UK. Brewed for 18 months in both oak and steel vats, specially to give you something fruity with a touch of oak. The beauty of this cider is that you can have it on the go, as the can provides more drinking option.