Strongbow is a type of dry cider that is manufactured by H. P. Bulmer in England. It was first produced in 1962 and was named after a knight of Cambro-Norman Richard De Clare who’s known by the nickname ‘Strongbow’. The Strongbow was initially advertised as ‘the strong cider for men’. The Strongbow cider is considered the leading cider in the world. Over 15 percent of the cider consumed in the world is Strongbow, while 29 percent of cider consumed in the United Kingdom is Strongbow.

The Bulmer Company is an arm of the Heineken International which is a multinational Dutch brewing company. The Strongbow Gold was manufactured in Belgium and launched to other European counties in 2011. This launch was made as a result of the growing popularity of cider in the continent. Strongbow was considered the highest selling cider in Australia and the second bestselling cider in North America in 2012.

The drink is a mixture of culinary apples, bitter-sweet cider and over 50 different varieties of apples. The apples used in the production of Strongbow are cultivated and grown in France and England. A mass production method is used, and it contains sugar and apple concentrate. The apple concentration is then fermented with controlled yeast strain and with at least different varieties and then artificial sweeteners are added. The Bulmers Strongbow is considered the biggest alcoholic container in the world and has a capacity of contain 6.8 million liters.

In the United Kingdom, the drink is available in draught at 4.5% ABV, while for bottles and cans, it is 5% ABV. The packs were brought down from 5.3% ABV to 5.0% ABV in the United Kingdom in 2012. The brand Strongbow Gold is only available in bottles and is available in many European countries. Its major markets in Europe are Hungary and Italy and it is still 5% ABV and it is produced to be served with an ice.

The drink has over 50% apple juice content making it similar to other products like Magners and Stella Cider. Some of the major contents of the Strongbow are glucose-fructose syrup, glucose syrup, malic acid, food acidifier, sulfur dioxide, anti-oxide, cochineal, burned sugar and coloring agent. It is produced in Belgium in Heineken’s plant in Stassen.

The product is shipped to different markets in other countries. The Sleeman Breweries became in charge of the distribution of the drink in Canada since 2011. It became the fifth top-selling cider drink in the United States and Vermont Hard Cider is responsible for its import into the States until the year 2012 when Heineken took back the import rights.

The drink has about five varieties available in the Australian market which include, Pear, Dry, Original (formerly named Draught), Sweet and clear (which is the low carb variety). The license to produce and distribute the Strongbow in the bought by Foster Group, but another company named SABMiller bought over that right in 2011. Two extra flavors were released in the USA market in 2015 which are Honey and Apple and Gold Apple.