Situated close to Walden in New York, Angry Orchard is a hard cider company operating in the United States. The owner of the organization is the Boston Beer Company, which was founded in 1984. Angry Orchard produces hard cider by making use of apples as the active ingredient, sourced from Europe as well as America. In the first year of production of the company, the cider could only be bought in places, such as New York, New England, Maryland and Colorado. It became introduced in the USA 2012 with Apple Ginger, Crisp Apple, and Traditional Dry, which were its flagship favors. It rapidly won over forty percent of the American market for hard cider, increasing to fifty percent in 2014. During this period, it also compromised twenty percent of the output of its parent company, the Boston Brewing Company.

The first beer brand of the Boston Brewing Company was giving the name, Samuel Adams – generally shortened to Sam Adams – who was the company’s founder. In 2012, the brewer established Angry Orchards. As regards sales recorded in 2016, the Beer Company is the second-biggest craft brewery in America. Angry Orchard, on the 4th of August 2015, voluntarily recalled a number of its Hard Cider cases. The incident was as a result of issues raised about re-fermentation in the bottles. The company reached the decision following inquiries filed by some customers about a number of broken bottles or bottles that were over-flowing when they were opened.

The company collaborated with Pete Nelson, the designer of the treehouse, to build a tree house tasting room in 2016. Angry Orchard’s complex sits on a 60-acre space of land in the center of Hudson Valley, popularly regarded as the Apple Belt of New York. New York is the second largest state that produces apples in all of the United States. Just like wine grapes, apples develop some features from the local climate and soil. Also, Hudson Valley provides some of the most favorable conditions in the US to grow apples. Such conditions include reasonable winters, humid summers, fertile soil and wet springs.

Furthermore, the Valley possesses a rich cider-producing history dating many years back. Before they were prohibited, cider apple orchards could be seen in many sites in that region. In the destination, cider has been produced for over 2 centuries. Just like other orchards in that region, the orchard of the company has a rich history. Since the 1700s, it has been a farm; also, it was in this place that the first apples were cultivated about a century ago. In 1963, the Crist Family assumed ownership of the orchard; and as a powerful entity in the apple-growing industry, it cultivated both cider and culinary apples. Angry Orchard is dedicated to offering traditional cider flavors as well as cherished varieties in America.

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