Best US Cider Makers

Smith & Forge Hard Cider

Made by fermenting apple juice, cider consumption is currently on a steep rise. The various types of cider varieties arise from the difference in fermentation techniques, the brewery’s preference or the types of apples used in making the cider. American’s seem to prefer dry cider as compared to the sweet varieties. With the current influx […]

Cooking With Cider


Many people don’t appreciate the wonderful flavor of cider as a drink of choice but few people will probably argue with its merits when it comes to using it in cooking. Like wine, cider can be added to many recipes to enhance the flavor of meat, soups, vegetables and of course delicious desserts! The exciting […]

The History Of Cider


Many alcoholic drinks have been made from fruits and vegetables. Apples, the base ingredient for cider, have been around for thousands of years and come in an incredible variety. As long ago as man has existed he has been making drinks from things he has found growing. Often the food  less palatable like tart, bitter […]

The Best Irish Cider


Cider favorite called hard cider was one of the best answers to wine in countries in northern Europe that were perfect to grow apple orchards but to cool to grow grapes. Therefore there was no option but to make cider instead of wine. Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from apple juice although some commercial […]

Cider vs Beer


Beer has been the favorite alcoholic beverage for most Americans. But with the re-emergent of the Apple cider, it is also getting to become one of the best drinks of choice for increasing numbers of Americans. If you’ve been partying lately, you would have seen a lot more people more than ever before walking around […]

Make Your Own Cider


Making your own cider is not rocket science. All you need is the right set of equipment and fresh apples. If you are a big fan of cider, then you might want to try out something on your own. Homemade ciders are not as tasty as the commercially fermented cider but can turn out fine […]

Best Eight Ciders for The Fall


If you are looking for a list of the best ciders for the fall, drop by and check out our top eight options. Handpicked from professional cider tasters, you are sure to have fun picking out your favourite from our list. Dabinett Medium 6.5%, Apple County, Monmouthshire You want a sweet, soft and dry cider? […]

All About Apple Cider


Cider (also known as hard cider) is a drink from England which has grown and established itself as one of the popular drinks in the 18th and 19th centuries. When there were no preservation methods, it was difficult to keep fresh cider as it naturally ferments into hard cider. Hard cider rapidly developed into a […]